500ML Brakefluids DOT 4 for Sale in Melbourne, Australia!! 

Eiffel Brake Fluid DOT4 is suitable for use in applications where disc, drum and anti-skid braking systems are used in vehicles requiring DOT 4 level performance. They can be used with following recommendations:

  • Use concentrated form of Brake Fluid, drawn previously from an unopened or well sealed container.
  • Always seal the container immediately after use, as the Brake Fluid absorbs moisture from the atmosphere quite rapidly, which reduces service life significantly.
  • Never reuse used/drained brake fluid.
  • Brake fluid can affect the vehicle paintwork, so remove spills immediately without rubbing.
  • Brakefluids should be changed from the vehicle every two years or 40,000 Km (24,000 Miles).
  • Check OEM Manual for further details.

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