About Us

The Foundation

In the MEA area, the UAE has emerged as a corporate, financial, and automotive powerhouse during the last few decades. The country has made significant infrastructure investments and has worked hard to create an investor-friendly environment. Burj Eiffel Int. Lubricants IND LLC was founded in 2004 to capitalise on this enormous potential. Since then, the company has risen from strength to strength, establishing itself as a quality, innovation, and customer-centric enterprise. The company is a leading lubricant and grease manufacturer in the region, with products sold in nearly 30 countries across Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa, and is a rising force in the UAE’s local lubricant market.

Our Philosophy

We endeavour to deliver products and services that are unique and set us apart from the competition in this highly competitive and dynamic market. We treat our clients as business partners and think that our growth is dependent on their success. To stay ahead of the competition and provide unsurpassed quality and value to our consumers, we constantly improve and enhance our offers.



We provide a wide choice of lubricants made from the highest quality base stock sourced from world-class Exxon Mobil and European refineries, as well as additives from industry leaders Lubrizol and Afton. Our products fulfil the specifications of major OEMs and the highest requirements of API, MIL, European, and Japanese manufacturers, demonstrating our commitment to staying current with industry technical advancements. Major OEMs such as PORSCHE, VOLKSWAGEN, MERCEDES BENZ, MAN, VOLVO, MACK, and RENAULT have authorised our products.


Our Facilities

We have various state-of-the-art facilities for lubricant and grease blending and filling. We have a blending and filling capability of over 40,000 metric tonnes of lubricants, 16,000 metric tonnes of greases, and 6,000 metric tonnes of viscosity improvers every year.

Automotive Oils, Gear Oils, Transmission Fluids, Hydraulic Oils, Turbine Oils, Industrial Lubricants, 2T, 4T, and out Board (TCW III) Motor Oils, Auto Coolants, Lithium based Greases, and Viscosity Index Improvers are just a few of the lubricants we make. We also do third-party blending and filling for well-known brands that export their products from our facility to different nations. We also have one of the greatest R&D and testing labs for lubricants and greases in the region, which helps us develop and ensure that our quality standards satisfy worldwide testing requirements. The Lubricants Testing Laboratory is fully equipped with a viscometer bath, an automatic flash point, an ICP, an FTIR, a pour point, a colour comparator, and other tools.Four Ball (scar test and weld test), Penetrometer (worked and unworked), Drop Point, Roll stability, water wash, and oil separation densitometer and grease testing equipment

All samples will be tested in accordance with international standards. An indicator of our rigorous emphasis & commitment to quality is that both facilities are ISO 9001- 2008 certified 208 L drums, 644 L cartons, 645 L cartons, 241 L cartons, 4X5 L cartons, 12x 1L cartons, 20 L and 25 L pails are used to fill the mixed products. 180 Kg Drums, 241 Kg Carton, 12x 1 Kg Carton, 241/2 Kg Carton, 12x 12 Kg Carton, and 15 Kg Pail are used to fill the Greases.

Human Resource

We have continued to invest in human resources because we know that they are the catalysts for the organization’s innovation and progress. The executive team has substantial experience in the sector having previously worked for businesses such as Mobil in key roles.

Our workers represent the best talent, expertise, and experience in the business, and they, along with our forward-thinking management, work tirelessly every day to provide our customers with superior goods and services. Burj Eiffel Int. Lubricants Ind. LLC has grown into a highly specialised, well-integrated company known for producing and marketing high-quality goods. Our skilled crew makes certain that a high-quality product is delivered on schedule. The mixing excellence of BURJ EIFFEL INT. LUBRICANTS IND. LLC is therefore translated into ultimate reliability for all of its customers.